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God’s Daughter, Book One in the Vikings of the New World Saga

~A Viking Historical Novel~


One Viking woman. One God. One legendary journey to North America.

In the tenth century, when pagan holy women rule the Viking lands, Gudrid turns her back on her training as a seeress to embrace Christianity. Clinging to her faith, she joins her husband, Finn, on a voyage to North America.

But even as Gudrid faces down murderous crewmen, raging sickness, and hostile natives, she realizes her greatest enemy is herself–and the secrets she hides might just tear her marriage apart.

Almost five centuries before Columbus, Viking women sailed to North America with their husbands. God’s Daughter, Book One in the Vikings of the New World Saga, offers an expansive yet intimate look into the world of Gudrid Thorbjarnardottir–daughter-in-law of Eirik the Red, and the first documented European woman to have a child in North America.

This novel is based heavily on the Icelandic Sagas.

EDITORIAL REVIEWS for God’s Daughter:

“The life of Vikings in North America is energetically described, and the entire cast of characters feel fresh and vivid, including Leif Ericson and Gudrid’s father-in-law Eric the Red… a remarkably assured tale, well-recommended.” ~ Historical Novel Society Reviews, May 2014

“Gudrid is a protagonist that any woman can identify with and relate to…God’s Daughter is not a frivolous or blithe novel, but a richly detailed one, a tale meant to be savored and revisited time and time again.” ~ 5-Star Review from Kristi Lindsey for Readers’ Favorite, Dec 2013

“Vivid, powerful…triumphant. This story took me by the heart.”
Joanne Bischof, award-winning author of the Cadence of Grace series

“God’s Daughter offers a brave, fresh look at a lost way of life and the Vikings who left an indelible mark in history. Author Heather Gilbert weaves a riveting novel with unforgettable characters and circumstances, the first installment in a series sure to resonate with historical fans. The stunning cover is only the beginning!”
Laura Frantz, Christy finalist and author of Love’s Reckoning

“God’s Daughter by Heather Day Gilbert is a stirring tenth century saga of early Christianity, and one Viking woman’s heroic struggle to sustain her faith and her marriage amidst a dangerous voyage to North America. Heather Day Gilbert’s voice is strong and certain, her story world breathtakingly vivid, the character of Gudrid one I will never forget.”
Lori Benton, author of Burning Sky

God’s Daughter–Book One in the Vikings of the New World Saga

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Miranda Warning, Book One in A Murder in the Mountains Series

~A Contemporary Appalachian Mystery~


Child of the Appalachian mountains, Tess Spencer has experienced more than her share of heartache. The Glock-wielding, knife-carrying housewife knows how to survive whatever life throws at her.

But when an anonymous warning note shows up in her best friend Miranda’s mailbox—a note written in a dead woman’s handwriting—Tess quickly discovers that ghosts are alive and well in Buckneck, West Virginia. Hot on a cold trail, she must use limited clues and her keen insight into human nature to unmask the killer…or the next victim might be Tess herself.

Tinged with the supernatural and overshadowed by the mountains’ lush, protective presence, this twisting psychological mystery is the first in A Murder in the Mountains Series.

Editorial Reviews for Miranda Warning:

Miranda Warning is a captivating read that grabs you by the hand and jerks you along…An intricately woven plot kept revealing bits of the puzzle while continuing to build the suspense and danger. Thomas and Tess were perfect for each other; the author certainly captured the realism of marriage, the good and bad…it was endearing to see how the entire Spencer family interacted. Miranda Warning was a page-turner for me, and I can only hope Heather Day Gilbert is working on the next installment in the Murder in the Mountains Series.” ~ 5 Star Review from Brenda Casto for Readers’ Favorite, Aug. 2014

“Tess Spencer will make you fall in love with her, then push you away, then charm you back into love again. She’s got a past she’d like to forget, a future she’s still learning to embrace, and a few skeletons—er, ghosts—in her closet, but when those she loves are in jeopardy, watch out! This West Virginian, Glock-wielding mountain mama goes all Mama Bear! Deliciously creepy mystery, well-rounded cast, delightful small town setting. Can’t wait for Book Two!” ~ Becky Doughty, author of Waters Fall

“The perfect blend of spine-chilling suspense and cozy mountain mystery, Miranda Warning is that rare novel that has it all: a unique setting, rich characters, and a plot so riveting you can’t look away. Best of all, it has Tess Spencer, a tough young heroine with a tender heart for those she loves and sense enough to pack a Glock when she needs to.” ~Karin Kaufman, author of The Witch Tree, a 2011 Grace Award finalist

Miranda Warning, Book One in A Murder in the Mountains Series

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Trial by Twelve, Book Two in A Murder in the Mountains Series

~A Contemporary Appalachian Mystery~


Tess Spencer loves her low-key job at the Crystal Mountain Spa, which allows her plenty of down-time with her one-year old daughter and lawyer husband, Thomas. But when a pool installation turns up eight skeletons in the spa’s back yard, Tess becomes entangled in a sleuthing job destined to go awry.

As the investigation gets underway, someone dumps a fresh body near the excavated burial site, confirming unspeakable fears. A serial killer has returned to Buckneck, West Virginia…a skilled hunter with a unique taste in prey.

When Tess agrees to help the cunning Detective Tucker gather clues from the inside, she discovers the posh spa hides more than dead bodies. Even as she sifts through layers of deceit, Tess realizes too late that the killer’s sights have zeroed in on her.

Unpredictable psychological mystery replete with memorable characters, Trial by Twelve is Book Two in A Murder in the Mountains series.

Trial by Twelve, Book Two in A Murder in the Mountains Series

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Indie Publishing Handbook: Four Key Elements for the Self-Publisher

~Nonfiction Handbook~

Indie Publishing Handbook

Are you dreaming of your own career as an independent author and self-publisher?

This concise handbook covers the four key elements every self-publisher must oversee for successful book publication: (1) editing, (2) creating cover art and blurbs, (3) formatting and uploading books, and (4) marketing. Focused advice will help you maneuver these key elements, whether you outsource or learn to master them yourself.

You’ll also find a bonus section with practical tips from seasoned independent authors.

Indie Publishing Handbook: Four Key Elements for the Self-Publisher is your one-stop for basics on everything you need to get started and excel as an independent publisher.

Editorial Reviews for Indie Publishing Handbook:

“Heather Day Gilbert is a teacher, encourager and fellow sojourner, with an extraordinary heart to help authors wade through this new world of publishing. Her newest release, Indie Publishing Handbook: Four Key Elements for the Self-Publisher, is a product of that genuine spirit. Written in the most relatable language, this book will inform and inspire you to finally take the leap into publishing independently.” ~Connie Almony, author of Amazon Bestseller At the Edge of a Dark Forest
“Whether you’ve decided to jump head first into the self-publishing pool, or are still in the should-I-or-shouldn’t-I phase, the Indie Publishing Handbook is required reading. Heather Day Gilbert lays out four essentials that every wannabe indie author should know, all written in a straightforward, easy to understand format. Highly recommended.” ~Michelle Griep, author of Writer Off the Leash: Growing in the Writing Craft
“Don’t be fooled by the size of this handbook. It’s a goldmine of information for both new and established indie authors. If you can buy only one guide to indie publishing, make it this one.” ~Karin Kaufman, author of The Witch Tree, a 2011 Grace Awards Finalist

“Concise, practical guidance from a novelist who has learned to negotiate the obstacles and opportunities of becoming your own publisher.” ~Andy Scheer, book editor and writing coach

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  10. this looks like a really interesting book, but I can’t find it anywhere! can you give me a link to buy it?

    • Hey there Emily–thank you! This book will be releasing on Amazon this Friday, November first, in e-book format. Sometime in November, it will also release on Smashwords, and then in hard cover format (that will also be on Amazon). Hope this helps! Thanks for asking!

  11. Hi Heather, I read your article “Viking Women: Not as Different as You Might Think” at MEDIEVALISTS.NET. It’s interesting book. You’re thinking in translate the book to another language?
    I live in Brazil and here is too dificult to find books in English. Only at Amazon Store.

    • Thank you, Aline! I’d love to get the book translated, but at this point I can’t afford it. I know it is available via Amazon in other countries, however. Thank you for asking–I hope you can find a way to read it!

  12. Gudrid is ancestor to mostly all modern original Icelanders – many times. Look forward to read your book :)

  13. Your site is lovely, Heather! Very welcoming! And, if I haven’t already said it, your cover is beautiful!!

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    • Hi Shelli! It was really easy to import all my Blogger posts to WordPress! However, you have to just tell all your Blogger followers to follow you on WordPress, I think. There MAY be a way to import them, though. I did a LOT of googling on these things when I switched, and there was a WordPress learning curve. But I really enjoy the flexibility and visiblity of WordPress. Hope this helps!

  15. Hello Mrs.Gilbert i would just like to say that im just finding out about your book and so far it is amazing well for me anyway im not very old im only fourteen but your book is very interesting

  16. Welcome to wordpress and good luck with your new release as well! Enjoy the moment!


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